3ply wooden panels


The  panels, thanks to their structural features, are the best solution on today’s market in terms of three ply concrete formwork panels.
The surface of the panels undergoes heat treatment in order to obtain abrasion and weather resistance, and consequently shows a less glossy surface.
Because they are wooden panels, a slight warping can occur after the first use. We therefore recommend that you use the other side of each panel the second time you use it. By doing so, you will ensure that the panels will regain and keep their original structure each time they are used. We recommend that you store the panels horizontally, not slatted, and avoid direct sunlight. The panels can be cut to any dimensions without their characteristics being altered.


Higher resistance: thanks to the shorter slats and the lack of a perimeter frame in the middle ply.
Longer lasting: higher abrasion and weathering resistance thanks to the melamine coating with added iron oxide.
Easy to cut: because there is no perimeter frame in the middle ply, the panel can be cut at any point without compromising its structure.
No plugs or surface resin accumulation: our production process allows us to eliminate any traces of resin and avoid knothole plugs.
Not shiny but resistant: the special coating used on the surface is not shiny, but has been developed to last over time and protect the panel.
Best Quality/Price Ratio


Length. Width.
2000, 2500, 3000 500

Technical data

Weight 13,5 Kg/m2
Thickness 27±0,5 mm
Longitudinal Bending Resistance 35 N/mm2
Longitudinal Elastic Modulus 8.500 N/mm2