The building timber cleaner



The building timber cleaner is provided with a single-phase or a three-phase motor to cover all needs. It has the ability to clean and oil up to 500 s.m. of wooden panels per hour.

Its use is simple: after having removing the nails from the wooden panels, place it into the cleaner's socket. The motor starts pulling the wood to the inside of the cleaner, where its special brushes clean concrete waste (edges) from all four sides. Next, it sprays the wood with Didoroil coating liquid (recycled for lower cost) and, after drying it, it takes it out clean and ready to be used.

· Length 2.15m
· Width 1m
· Height 1.30m
· Weight 250kg


Operating opening: 12cm maximum



Operating width:  52cm maximum


* cleans and oils all 4 sides at the same time