Three-layer wooden boards

"TRONIC" three-layer wooden shuttering boards consist of 3 (three) equally-thicked, crossed layers of boards stuck together, of 27mm in total gauge. The boards' surface is coated with special resins in order to enable their use for the construction of apparent concrete.

Available dimensions:

  • Length: 2m/2.5m/3m
  • Width: 50cm
  • Thickness: 27mm * 40-pieces pack

Technical characteristics:
The ideal wooden shuttering board "tronic”, that can be used more than 100 times, it can be cut without losing its stress resistance, leaves a perfect apparent surface (planed), does not distort (crossways stranded) and, in combination with the easy-to-use moulding parts, allows for a reduction on labour costs up to 50%.

A concrete mould that is ideal for the construction of concrete walls, when combined with its metallic parts, or for slab sheathing. Thanks to it great resistance to weather conditions, it is also used for the construction of outdoor platforms.