Cork Thermal and Sound Insulation



render for external and internal , elastic, eco-friendly, breathable,


waterproof, heat, cork-based resin and water.



Wall cladding - protection against moisture - encapsulation of

asbestos, waterproofing pools , spas, resistance to salt - Thermal

cut - cut acoustic Pore - decorated interior and exterior surfaces of

the micro - Restore cavillate - Anti roar protection against oxidation

- lining of joints and metal pillars - Sealing cracks and crevices - For

sets, covering furniture, etc



Wall: 0.9 to 1.2 kg / sq .

Waterproofing of flat surfaces - 1.5 -2 kg / sqm.



-Keep the product in areas not exposed to sunlight at temperatures

between +5 ° C and +35 ° C

Storage time 12 months



Add between 5% -20 % water (according to the type of application

and environmental conditions ) Mix well and evenly with agitator

twist drill for at least 2 /3 minutes until do "rise" the product volume.

Clean the surface thoroughly. Any damaged or degraded parts of

the substrate must be perfectly restored. Eliminate any standing

water and loose parts.

Application: first-hand as a primer let dry proceed to the second

hand to cross through a hopper gun , trowel . reaching a thickness

between 3 4mm



For vertical applications, it is recommended to protect from rain for

at least 2 hours at a temperature of 20 ° C.

For horizontal applications protect from rain for at least 24 hours at

a temperature of 20 ° C.

On surfaces of concrete or very smooth , we recommend the

application of an anchor ( Acriflex Insulation to increase adhesion).

- Apply the product on dry surfaces

- Any unused product should be stored in the original packaging

provided by the manufacturer.

- Do not apply at temperatures below +5 ° C.

- The equipment can be washed with water

- When handling use the personal protective equipment adhesion:

SUBER clings on a wide range of materials: plaster (not chalky ) ,

cement, glass, aluminum, PVC, wood, but being of the same nature

wide and composition, it is always necessary, a trial Preliminary

docking and possibly the use of an anchor suitable to support itself.

for more details consult our technical department.


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